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Edgardo Antonio Vigo: 
Experimental Editor 1957-1993

Edgardo A. Vigo was born in La Plata in 1928. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts at the UNLP and in 1953 traveled to France. On his return he made moving objects with mixed media linking the artistic practice with the act of participation. His shows were sporadic and far from the commercial circuit. Between 1955 and 1956 he made his first Mathematical Poems. Between 1958 and 1960 he published the magazine "WC" and "DRKW 60" and developed the works called "Relativuzgir's" associating dada’s spirit with non representational art (concrete art). In 1962 he founded the magazine "Diagonal Zero" and initiated via mail, his permanent swap with the international experimental art movement. In 1967 Vigo published in Paris his "Mathematical Baroque Poems" and founded the Woodcut Museum of La Plata. The following year Vigo made his first señalamiento: "A Bunch of Traffic Lights in La Plata", and he distanced himself from the happenings occurred at the Di Tella Institute. In 1969 he filmed "White on White: A Tribute to Casimir Malevich". His projects multiplied and he organized the International Exhibition of Latest Poetry at the Di Tella Institute. He handed to Angel Nessi the statement "Towards a Touchable Art" which extended the 1959 manifesto. In 1971 he organized The First Propositions Exhibition in C.A.Y.C. (Buenos Aires) and released his fourth magazine "Hegágono '71", where he published his article "The Street". In 1975 Vigo organized with Horacio Zabala "The Last Mail-Art Exhibit". Between 1977 and 1983 he worked in conjunction with Graciela Gutierrez Marx and they jointly signed their work G.E MarxVigo. In 1991 he had a retrospective of his work at the San Telmo Foundation. Three years Later Vigo was selected to join the Argentina delegation at the Sao Paulo Biennial and had a solo show at the Visual Arts Center Foundation. In 1997 he presented a solo exhibition at the Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana (I.C.I.).Vigo died in La Plata in November, 4th, 1997.